Swing Arm

With the rising demand for more efficient manufacturing process, CJRTec offers you the line of Swing Arm Press machines. A Swing Arm Press is a type of clicker press machine (or clicking press to some) that is the simplest among other kinds of clicker press for sale, i.e. travel head press, receding head press, rotary press, kiss cutting press and others. It is used in cutting thin, flexible materials like rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. It is easy enough to operate and, most of all, SAFE. The head of this type of clicker press can be moved to the side in order to get the cut dies, or put into position the other dies you're going to cut.

Our Swing Arm Press comes with one (1) year FULL WARRANTY. CJRTec sells brand new precision presses, wherein the availability of spare parts is always guaranteed. There are also a number of competent engineers on standby, ready to assist you with any problems arising from your use of our machine. CJRTec also provide test cuts to make sure that the machine will work with your chosen material and die.

Feel free to drop us a line with any inquiries that you may have.

Table Dimension:39.0 x 20.0"
Swing Arm Dimension:24.0 x 20.0"
Stroke:1.5 - 5.0"
Cutting Speed:0.08m/s
Motor power:3 HP
Motor Wattage:2.2Kw
Power:3ph 220V60HZ.
Operating Amps:11
Startup Amps:21
Hydraulic Oil (Not Included):ISO 68
Power Cord:10'
Weight:2400 lbs
Dimension:41 x 39 x 54"
Shipping Dimensions"44 x 48 x 62"
1 Year WarrantyCutting Board
Vibration Control PadsReplacement Parts Kit
Tool Kit
Video:View Here
Operation Manual:PDF
Replacement Parts:Next day shipping
Extended Warranty:Optional

27 Ton Swing Arm

Machine Type Swing Arm
Tonnage 27
Model 27-SA-M-W-N
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